“Because the business suit is just another part of the sales bluff, adding another layer of unnecessary opaqueness.”



Hopefully you may have noticed we’ve ‘punked up’ our brand recently. In line with our ‘Straightening Out Wealth Management’ culture we’ve ditched the business uniform of choice, the suit. As part of this shift to simplification – suits, shirts and ties are history…….we now wear cargo pants and jeans.


Because the business suit is just another part of the sales bluff, adding another layer of unnecessary opaqueness. The sooner people can understand who’s behind the suit, the better. Wearing a £1,000 tailored suit doesn’t make you smart or intelligent. The way we signal status has changed. Especially in business, success isn’t just about looking wealthy, but about looking different.

People who value disruption and unconventionality are more likely to interpret these signals positively. They work where deviations from the norm are lauded, and the interpretation says as much about the viewer as the wearer.

The shift isn’t just a matter of comfort or convenience, but a change in how we conceptualise competence and professionalism. The thinking goes something like this: by stripping away the artificial appearances of showmanship, you can get to the truth about a product, person, or business. It is part of a cultural gravitation toward transparency—and a penchant for disruption in all its forms. People who have the confidence to dress informally and to disrupt traditional business codes, are perceived as more independent, innovative and competent.

Researchers at Harvard Business School call this the “red sneakers effect”.

Suits have no place in our new and simplified world. They’re an unnecessary incumbent. Just like a lot of the BS that engulfs this industry.

Pop in and let us show you what our mission to straighten out wealth management looks like and how it will generate better returns for you.


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