Nothing to see here: Survivorship bias

In this blog we demonstrate that around 40% of multi-asset funds available to UK investors didn’t survive the past decade. Surviving an investment horizon – whilst delivering strong results – is no mean feat, and our successful fund selection reflects the robust ongoing governance process our Investment Committee adopts.

Bonds and Base Rates

This piece focuses on the internal battle investors face when it comes to predicating the future activity of central banks, and how to (or more importantly how not to) react to it. We explain why, when it comes to investing, the reality is that the expectation of base rate movements is already in the price.

Tips for unsettling times

In this blog, we bring some context to equity and bond market falls so far this year – spoiler alert, they are not as bad as the media would have us believe. We also outline 10 tips for keeping things in perspective during unsettling times.

Phasing money into markets

Phasing a portfolio into the market can provide some behavioural comfort to clients. Given that clients suffer the pain of loss twice as much as the elation from gains, phasing allows investor to ease their way into the markets. Read our analysis on the potential merits and downsides of phasing investments here:

Live by performance, die by performance

Investing is a hard enough emotional challenge at the best of times.  Chasing performance just adds to the complexity and stress involved and may well put long-term investment goals at risk.

Digital assets and blockchain technology

We set out 10 reasonable points for consideration to help investors form a view on these new, exciting and innovative – but at times harmful – digital assets.

Time in the market vs. timing the market

One of the greatest temptations in investing is to try to time when to be in or out of markets.  It is logical to want to be fully invested in the equity markets when they are going up and to be in cash when they are going down. Yet logic

The quirky maths of investing

In the investing world there are some quirky mathematical outcomes that are worth reminding ourselves of.  Read our explainer on the maths of percentages in investment returns and what a ‘behaviour gap’ in investor returns means.

VCT explainer film

We’ve recently made a short film outlining the pros and cons of Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). Watch our 5 minute explainer video here:

Uncertainty abounds – it always does.

It is always easy to feel that the present is more uncertain than the past. Today, it certainly feels like the world is in a very uncertain place. The chart in this blog clearly illustrates that over the mid-to longer-term the markets absorb the consequences of such events and power forwards as capitalism drives the relentless pursuit of profit opportunities.