VCT explainer film

We’ve recently made a short film outlining the pros and cons of Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). Watch our 5 minute explainer video here:

Uncertainty abounds – it always does.

It is always easy to feel that the present is more uncertain than the past. Today, it certainly feels like the world is in a very uncertain place. The chart in this blog clearly illustrates that over the mid-to longer-term the markets absorb the consequences of such events and power forwards as capitalism drives the relentless pursuit of profit opportunities.

Reality check: markets do what markets do

Markets have started the year down and have been quite volatile. Although the circumstances due to the global pandemic feel exceptional, drawdowns of this magnitude are actually very common.

Unpacking inflation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, inflation numbers have frequented the headlines. The reality is that everyone is subject to their own unique inflation rate as this blog explains.


FOMO may be bad for your wealth

There is no doubt that when markets become frothy, investors are prone to a fear of missing out (FOMO) that makes them wish that they were invested in something that has done well (mostly identified with hindsight) and tempting some to lose discipline and plunge in, hoping that the magic (luck) will continue!

Evidence-based investing – a sensible way to invest

Investing can appear complex, but by starting with the evidence we can identify a simple set of rules that allow us to structure your portfolio to navigate through the years ahead and the variety of markets we will undoubtedly encounter together.  If you stick to these rules, take a long-term view, and have the discipline and patience – with our help – to see the plan through, you have every chance of being richly rewarded. 

Selling Your Business – How to prepare for a successful exit

Around 50% of our clients have generated their wealth through their business interests. We know how critical it is to prepare for the time when you come to sell all or part of your business. In this blog we explain how focused preparation can make all the difference to your ‘happily ever after’.

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Selling Your Business – How Much Is Enough?

If you are an entrepreneur approaching retirement, you might have already estimated how much you need from the sale of your business. Chances are, this is a significant sum, but calculating the actual amount to produce the income you desire can be difficult. Here’s how we approach this with you:-

Retirement Rule 1: Don’t run out of money

Of all the financial challenges and concerns that we face over our lifetimes, avoiding running out of money in retirement probably sits at the top of the list.  Knowing what you cannot control and understanding what you can, provides some insight into the complexity of – and solutions to – retirement planning.