Live by performance, die by performance

Investing is a hard enough emotional challenge at the best of times.  Chasing performance just adds to the complexity and stress involved and may well put long-term investment goals at risk.

Digital assets and blockchain technology

We set out 10 reasonable points for consideration to help investors form a view on these new, exciting and innovative – but at times harmful – digital assets.

Time in the market vs. timing the market

One of the greatest temptations in investing is to try to time when to be in or out of markets.  It is logical to want to be fully invested in the equity markets when they are going up and to be in cash when they are going down. Yet logic

The quirky maths of investing

In the investing world there are some quirky mathematical outcomes that are worth reminding ourselves of.  Read our explainer on the maths of percentages in investment returns and what a ‘behaviour gap’ in investor returns means.

VCT explainer film

We’ve recently made a short film outlining the pros and cons of Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs). Watch our 5 minute explainer video here:

Uncertainty abounds – it always does.

It is always easy to feel that the present is more uncertain than the past. Today, it certainly feels like the world is in a very uncertain place. The chart in this blog clearly illustrates that over the mid-to longer-term the markets absorb the consequences of such events and power forwards as capitalism drives the relentless pursuit of profit opportunities.

Reality check: markets do what markets do

Markets have started the year down and have been quite volatile. Although the circumstances due to the global pandemic feel exceptional, drawdowns of this magnitude are actually very common.

Unpacking inflation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, inflation numbers have frequented the headlines. The reality is that everyone is subject to their own unique inflation rate as this blog explains.


FOMO may be bad for your wealth

There is no doubt that when markets become frothy, investors are prone to a fear of missing out (FOMO) that makes them wish that they were invested in something that has done well (mostly identified with hindsight) and tempting some to lose discipline and plunge in, hoping that the magic (luck) will continue!