The fastest way to a more secure retirement?

Start by lowering fund expenses…

It has long been one of our core points of view that fund managers retain a disproportionate amount of the value chain when it comes to investing. Or put in plain English, their charges are too high.

Investment guru John Bogle, Founder of US firm Vanguard, now one of the largest asset managers in the world and whose funds feature in our Apex Portfolios™ , talks regularly in his books and TV appearances about the simple arithmetic of investing :-

Market return – the cost of investing = what you end up with!

Given we cannot influence either market returns or the global economy the one part of that simple, yet crucial equation we can control, is the fund costs we pay.

Behaviour Gap

The impact of fees on your wealth is often a subject both fund managers and advisers try to avoid discussing. However, fees will have a much bigger impact on your wealth than performance itself, particularly given the fact that most fund managers who are paid £’00,000 figure salaries to beat the market, rarely do.

Also in the low interest rate, low inflation environment we have been experiencing since the 2008 Financial Crisis investors need to appreciate that annualised double digit returns are a thing of the past.

The graph below shows the impact that reducing investment costs can have on your future wealth.  If we have two identical portfolios valued at £500,000 and assume both will growth at 5% pa over 20 years, but one portfolio costs 1.4% and the other costs 0.4%.  The difference in terminal wealth is staggering and is a powerful illustration of the effect of compounding.


It might not sound like much, but shaving 1% pa from the fees you pay on your pension fund or portfolio can dramatically increase your retirement fund.  Or put another way, paying bloated annual fund expenses will have a seriously detrimental effect on your pension fund, diminishing your retirement pot greatly over time.

But it’s not just about cutting the investing fees you pay between now and retirement. Keeping those costs low in retirement is equally if not more important given your income from employment has stopped. Lowering fees can ensure your pension fund lasts much longer than it ordinarily would have done if you had continued to pay a premium for your fund to be managed.

Our Apex Portfolios™ cost just 0.30% per annum and are as well thought out as any institutional offering.

However, we deliver them to our clients without the 4 hour meetings, the bullshit and the high fees.