Millen Capital launch FREE online access to their Apex Portfolios™

If you could invest in an ISA for your kids or grandchildren in only 15 mins, would you do it?

After all, with the price of property these days, how are our children and grandchildren going to save enough money to buy their first home before they’re 40 ?!

Millen Capital wants to help you, help your kids and grandchildren get onto the housing ladder ASAP. Cards on the table, we also want to build the next generation of Millen Capital clients.

We get it.

Your grown up kids don’t want to waste 2-3 hours of their life meeting a financial adviser, filling in loads of different forms etc. so we’ve partnered up with an award winning financial technology company, part of Europe’s biggest asset manager, Aberdeen Asset Management, to help build our Apex Portfolios™ online so we can give your kids and grandchildren a quick, online, intelligent  investment service that takes 15 mins to complete. They just need to be 18 or over.

No meetings. No forms. No high Fees and No BS.

Oh and yes, we’ll set their portfolios up for FREE and give them a 25% discount on our standard annual fee to encourage them to follow your lead in working with Millen Capital.

We managed to get ourselves in the papers when we became the 1st private wealth manager around these parts to take investing online, so there’s little more background here Liverpool Echo , but all your kids or grandchildren need to do is click below and they can build an ISA Portfolio in 15 mins that’s safe, secure and fully FCA approved.

You just need to finish the job by paying for it and wiring the cash.

Unlike the big online boys we also give advice along the way and help if anyone gets stuck – just call us or email and we’ll sort it.

I hope you like it, we’ve put in a real shift and no small investment into building this so let me know what you think.

All the best

Angus M.